How to Submit

There are two ways that submissions will be used:

  1. Either added to the playlist, or featured as a short, on the youtube radio channel or
  2. Put out as an official release on the bandcamp and featured on the site

Tracks will stay on the radio channel for as long as we have space on the playlist for them, and potentially be cycled out for newer music. If they are featured, they will have accompanying custom video that you can either submit along with the tracks, or that we’ll make to go along with it.

Tracks released through the label will be linked to the bandcamp label page and featured on the website for an amount of time, until it’s cycled out by newer releases. All profits go directly and completely to the artists. 01014 doesn’t take any of your money and is entirely run as a labor of love.

Please send all submissions to, or alternatively if your tracks are on soundcloud, send a message to 01014org with the tracks added.

01014 is run completely out of pocket, so if you’d like to donate to help cover costs for server fees, other monthly fees, the time put into managing it, and just genuinely support everyone who puts work into the label, click here.